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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Westside Too/Landmark Theatre Expansion...What's Going On?

Westside Too is, of course, the very dead part of the Westside Pavilion. It’s located west of the main mall, via a sky bridge, over Westwood Blvd (the view is quite nice BTW). But since its debut, it was never able to draw anyone from the original “Westside”.

I was actually there for the 1991 grand opening and I still have the original directory to prove it. Does anyone remember Boogies Diner? It’s the “hip” clothing shop w/a diner—what a concept. It was located on the ground floor where Barnes & Noble is now.

Anywho, the 40 or so store that opened in 91 dwindled to only a handful a couple of years later. It was around 95 that I first heard of a proposal by the Landmark Theatre Group to build what was to be the largest arthouse in the world. It would have had 16 screens and all stadium seatings.

Flash forward to March 15, 2003, the mall owner, Macerich and Landmark made an official announcement about the project. This time, however, then number of screens was reduce to 14 and none would be stadium style. Even with the reduction in the number of screens, it still will be the largest theatre dedicated to indie/foreign films.

They projected ground breaking in fall of 03 and completion of fall of 04. Then they just kept pushing things back and back and back. The last I heard, construction should start in fall of 05. I refuse to go back there until I see any constructions. So, if someone is reading this, can you let me know if they have actually broken ground.



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